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Rita Otis has a Certificate in Spiritual Direction and Directed Retreats from Creighton University, a Masters Degree in Education and is a certified teacher of Tai Chi Chih® and Sejaku. She is married and the mother of two grown children. Prior to becoming a spiritual director and Tai Chi Chih teacher she wondered around looking for a place to be. Now that she is a spiritual director and a Tai Chi Chih teacher she wonders around and realizes that she is in the place she is supposed to be.

“I recognize and value the fact that everyone has an interior landscape rich with pulsing music, undefined shadows and brilliant touches of the divine. Exploring the interior landscape is sacred work. It is also earthy work – work involving our bodies as well as our thoughts and feelings. My intent is to reverently give you space to let your interior landscape come alive and be expressed authentically. “

  • Spiritual Direction – deep listening to your sacred story
  • Tai Chi Chih – a series of 19 gentle movements that can be done by anyone to improve balance, focus, and mental/ physical health
  • Meditation – individual instruction and group practice
  • Spirit Play Dates – flute circle, storytelling, expressive movement